What plants to pick?!

What plants to pick?!

The process of Plant Selection tends to be considered by us designers as the fun part of the design process.  It’s the icing on the cake!  You’ve worked out the basic structure of the design, how the site sheds water, how to achieve levels, where improved soil is required.  You’ve then worked out the bones of your garden, conceptually you know where walls, steps, lawns and decking is going.

The plants help to bring the bones together and unify your design – bring life to it.  For us, plant people, plant selection is second nature, though it is really important to get it right so that the plants consolidate your theme.

Do your research! It’s always a good idea to evaluate; what grows in your area that you like, what privacy concerns you have, if any areas are wind tunnels, what your aspect is, where your winter sun and summer shade falls etc… 

Your approach to plant selection should be based on:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Scientific
  3. Emotional

So your choice is based on balancing the influences of all three of these factors.

Here’s some other areas you might need to consider plant selections for in your garden:

  • Hedging selection
  • Background Selection
  • Groundcovers and shrubs

Think outside the box, do your homework and if all else fails, call us for a plant palette consult!

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