Snow Pear

Snow Pear

Pyrus nivalis, I use this tree more often than any other. I use it as a specimen tree or a paddock tree planted in groves where it is allowed to grow to its mature size and shape (10 m high x 8m wide) I also use it in residential gardens and pleach the tree as an elevated hedge that can be rectangular or round.

I like to use small to medium trees in my designs an often I’ll use the same species in one area. I find it not only gives the house vertical soothing scale, it also makes the area look larger. Whether I use the trees in a casual organic style of groves or as a formal avenue, they always give my gardens a dramatic architectural component that I look for.

I have found it hard to find an alternative to the Snow Pear as it has so many great features; a nice straight stem, a natural majestic balanced form, an unusual leaf colour of grey green that is a good contrast with most plants, responds well to a prune of which there are many ways to prune it so it fits into any space or design. When you remove it's internal branches the tree retains its natural form though as a much smaller version.

This type of ornamental pear tree is less well known even though I find it hardier than most of the other pears. It tolerates drier conditions and extreme temperatures though like all pears it does need some protection from strong winds.

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