Want to create a unique garden?

Want to create a unique garden?

Then I suggest getting creative outside by;

  • adding a piece of sculpture sets the tone for the entire garden, whether it is a sense of fun, smart or serious. I like simple organic shapes, nothing fancy or intricate, usually made from timber or mild steel. There’s a vast range of sculptures available. They can bring your garden to life and make your garden unique.
  • adding a cloud plant to your garden will give it a sense of individuality as they’re not widely used. Cloud plants have poodle like balls, shaped all over them, and are normally juniperus sp but it can be any plant that responds well to clipping, so try your hand at pruning. They can be planted on mass, in pots, or as a one off feature plant.
  • adding succulents to your garden will ensure its unique as they come in wonderful forms and a wide range of colours. Particularly striking are Yucca species, the huge ball shaped barrel cactus, or Candelabra Euphorbia, a spooky looking plant that can reach 10m with its spiral stems.
  • highlight the elements of your unique garden by lighting it at night. Highlighting benches with strip lighting, use amphibian lights in your pond, or up light feature trees or sculpture with in ground lights, pendulum lights in trees.
  • outdoor cover cushions in vibrant colours and setting outdoor dining tables with brightly coloured place settings of your choice ,will show individuality and lift the entire garden.

Good luck and call us if you need help!

Ground level plants

Planter by pool and day bed

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