Pool Impact

Pool Impact

I prefer the pool to look like it’s part of the total garden area, not just a one off on its own. This can be a challenge with pool fences having to enclose pools, it compartmentalizes the garden. Clever planting, both inside and out of the pool area can reduce this division.

Many pools are located close to the back boundary so sweeping lawn from the house to the pool coping forms a unifying green carpet. Make this scene more dramatic with a garden between the back boundary and the pool, this absorbs fences and forms a good backdrop to the entire garden. Extend the bed behind the pool so it travels down the sides of the pool, and towards the house, both inside the pool fence and outside it. This means the pool itself is enveloped on 3 sides therefore softening its impact though sweeping lawn from the house to the pool entices you to the pool.

I break the glass pool fence up with dry stone walls, timber fencing, non climbable plants hiding a black steel fence, at either end of the glass. In this way the glass forms a long window into the pool area framed by a different material at either end. Not only does this reduce the pool fence budget but glass the entire way round the pool is sterile and cage like.

Plants should be shiny leafed to reinforce the reflective nature of the pool water. Throw in some non shiny leafed plants that contrast and highlight the shiny nature of most of the plants.

Succulent units can be good, evergreen Magnolias, Carissa sp, Rhaphiolepis sp, Gardenias etc.

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