Plant Secrets

Plant Secrets

I’ve been lucky enough to design gardens in every state and territory in Australia, and I’ve designed gardens in America, Japan and several in New Zealand.  People seem bewildered and misguided as to my talents for selecting plants for these clearly different plant zones.  It’s easier than you might think! It simply requires your powers of observation to be heightened….

On landing on the tarmac (and while the garden owner is patiently waiting for me) I’m able to observe what plants are doing well and those that are suffering.  Even at the airport, where the environment is brutal, the plant selection within the gardens there tell a lot.  By observing the plant types at the airport you can gain valuable information on their wind tolerance and their ability to withstand exposure.  For example, the soil type and its ability to hold moisture and nutrients; what other plants tolerate, similar conditions as the plants growing at the airport and its surrounds.

I have to admit that I perfected this art 20x years ago when I first started travelling to these places and it was through desperation and bluffing my way through that it paid off.  Quickly, almost innately, I learned to observe the plants at the airport and while being driven by the owner to the property, at the same time, trying to hold a polite conversation. I’ll never learn the art of doing two things at once!

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