Frangipanis – Tropical Delight!

Frangipanis – Tropical Delight!

A frangipani is a low-maintenance way to add a sweet scent and a hint of the tropics.

Pretty, sweetly scented flowers, non-invasive roots, low water requirements and an attractive umbrella shape make the frangipani (Plumeria) tree a welcome addition to any outdoor space, particularly modern settings or resort-style gardens. In full bloom, the branches of this small- to medium-sized tree, which grows between five and eight metres tall, are also wonderfully decorative indoors. Here’s how to make the most of this subtropical species.

Frangipanis suit gardens from Queensland to Melbourne, tolerating light frost in temperate or tropical areas. Melburnians should plant the tree in the warmest, sunniest spot of the garden, against a north- or north-west facing wall.

One thing frangipanis won’t tolerate is cold, constantly wet soil, so to improve soil drainage, add organic material, break up any clay or install ag-lines (agricultural pipes that assist in draining away water).

Place a frangipani in a focal point in the garden as a feature tree, and surround the base with gravel or pebbles in a cream or charcoal colour. This will set off the shape of the winter branches as well as the mass of green leaves and beautiful, fragrant blooms in summer.


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