Edge Options

Edge Options

I like the edging in my gardens to be seamless and timeless and so no matter what style of garden I’m designing, whether it’s traditional or contemporary I use 5mm non galvanised mild steel edging to contain lawn gravel areas and gardens from one another.  Within a couple of weeks the metal has reacted to the moisture in the atmosphere and turned a rust colour.  For me this style of edging is complimentary to both old and new houses.

We often see edging made from pavers, concrete, timber or stone and while there are definitely exceptions I find the effect too cumbersome looking and too obvious a transition between the different components of the garden, making them feel separate to each other rather than subtly linked to each other.

I like the way the metal edging sits below the grass blades and in this way it is concealed, only containing the lower turf profile of roots and soil and stops them from finding their way beyond the edging into the garden or gravel. 

Ponds that are flush with ground should have a seamless connection with their surrounds.  Just as metal edging contains lawn or gravel I use it to contain ponds.  My philosophy comes from the notion that no one element in the garden should stand out more than another – I want the landscape to be holistic.

Lawn, water, garden, sculpture, paving, gravel and decking should be intertwined.  So I don’t want to highlight the body of water which is already a dramatic and shiny contrast in the garden.

Steel Edging

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