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The front garden plays on a more traditional time that relates to the front of house that transforms into a contemporary house beyond, and the garden follows this change.  These classic plants are arranged in such a way that a contemporary edge is created.  Groves of Birch in a massed ground cover of Tricolour Jasmine form most of the front garden while Buxus spheres dance out the Jasmine along the second hand common brick path.  A row of dignified Snow pears lines the drive like sentinels.

A variety of plants form drifts unifying the different elements of the back garden, culminating in a focal point which consists of a sunken fire pit area in gravel.  This sunken area lies below a generous lawn enveloped by garden beds.  A rustic sleeper path draws your eye from this gravel area, along the paths axis to a handpicked steel sculpture.  The pool, elevated above the rest of the garden is gently connected to it as its greenery meets the greenery of the main garden.

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