Shady Days

Shady Days

Do you struggle to source plants for shady areas of the garden? 

Maybe relying solely on tropical plants which will tolerate the shade, doesn’t match the rest of your garden concept.

Choosing plants that contrast with each other in foliage form and colour will give your garden the ‘wow factor’.

Try Eupatorium Megalphyllum, with its spectacular purple flower and white flowering Kurume Azaleas (white flowering plants lift the shade).

Fatsia Japonica with large Ivy shaped leaves add glossy greenness to your garden.

For burgundy colour leaves try Philodendron Imperial Red.

For leaf form that is tight and dark green try Taxus cuspidata Buxus Bodinieri has a neat form though larger leaves than many of it’s Buxus cousins.

If you’re planting the above as a mixed border then arrange the plants in 3s or 4s.

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