Going Potty….

Going Potty….

The rule for when it comes to arranging you’re pots in groups or clusters is that there are no rules.  Have some fun with it!

On the front porch of my Californian bungalow, I’ve arranged large to medium pots around the perimeter of the space whilst one cluster of smaller pots is up off the ground on a rusty metal table and the other is on top of a 1200mm high entry pedestal that is a common feature with this style of house. 

I like to use plant species from the succulent family. They come in a huge range of leaf colours and form and importantly aren’t reliant on regular water which is important as pots are prone to drying out.

My larger to medium pots on the ground tend to be charcoal colour which stops the scene looking too chaotic .It is important that the pots are all different shapes. I do throw the occasional white or olive green or earth coloured pot in to prevent it looking too monotonous, though because the succulents have such intriguing colour and form, they don’t need a large colourful pot to compete with.

I’m a lot more liberal when it comes to choosing smaller pots. Smaller growing succulents work in plain or colored pots, and any coloured pot will work. Before planting the plant in the pot I hold it up to the pot to ensure the plant is going to look its best in that particular pot and really ‘pop’.

Such is the extent of my obsession that I get very strange looks from neighbours who catch me in my PJs tending my succulent collection... no photo included.

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