Vertical Gardens

22nd April 2014   In the right place, Vertical Gardens are like living tapestries that bring drama and theatre to a space by hiding an overbearing wall, and using its height to bring green scale to the area.  The other reason designers like to use Vertical Gardens is because they are efficient at giving all […]

The Mighty Magnolia

11/2/15 The wide variety of Evergreen Magnolias available to us are growing all the time, as plant importers listen to their buyers who demand; hardy, pest free, attractive plants to make a visual feature  and, at the same time, meet a practical requirement in their garden.  They can now be found all over the world […]

French Garden

Using the word ‘French’ to describe something, immediately conjures up descriptive words like; stylish, good quality, tasty, indulgent, and so they go on. The French have an unspoken ownership on things that look good and things that taste good. I always think that anything French, has a certain style, and traditionally they probably do. I […]

House Garden Magazine

VSV 74 16-19 Entr Peter Fudge


Q. Why would I use PFG maintenance team? A. We have a passionate team that are committed to ‘loving your garden’. We ensure that design intent is followed through to fruition with the added bonus of having full access to the designer and their ideas on a continual basis.   Q. How often can I organise […]


Q. Do you design pools? A. We are happy to design all areas to do with pools for you from where to position a new pool in your garden, to simply revisiting the finishes of an existing pool i.e. the tiling, the fencing or the planting nearby.   Q. Can you prepare plans for council […]


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