Child Friendly Gardens

When designing a garden, fulfilling the practical requirements of a child is a challenge. Children go through their stages quickly so bear in mind that some of the elements may be temporary and you’ll still want to enjoy your garden after they’ve gone. Here are some tips on how to have a garden the entire family […]

Balcony Gardens

Balcony gardens can be tricky. There are space considerations, for one. More importantly, the weather can impact dramatically because balcony plants often receive either full sun or total shade and can be in relatively windy positions. But there is a wide range of plants suitable for balconies. You need plants that are tough and tolerate […]

Vertical Gardens

22nd April 2014   In the right place, Vertical Gardens are like living tapestries that bring drama and theatre to a space by hiding an overbearing wall, and using its height to bring green scale to the area.  The other reason designers like to use Vertical Gardens is because they are efficient at giving all […]


Nature is a great source of inspiration to me.  I love the spherical granite boulders on The Munroe, in country NSW, on way down to Thredbo. Deserts, rain forests, simple associations of grasslands with open Eucalyptus Forests – they’re are all inspiring to me.  Looking deeper, I think it’s because they are on such a […]


Peter Fudge Gardens is always looking for passionate people to join our team so if you are interested in a career with us, please send us your CV to and we’ll ensure that you’re given the training and experience you deserve.   Growth, opportunity, come work with us. Team member positions, full time, with our maintenance […]

Summer’s in the air

Long days, warm sun, hot days and the beach.  We all love summer. How do gardens help us to relate to warm weather and evoke these positive vibes? I think we draw inspiration for these casual style gardens from warm resorts/gardens overseas and the north of Australia.  But bright colours, with no shade and the […]

Garden Rooms

The first major change I did as a young student was in my parent’s large back garden, call it a practice run. The garden was long and level, so I decided to break up the expanse with a hedge about 2/3 of the way up the back garden and created a gap in the hedge […]

Plant Secrets

I’ve been lucky enough to design gardens in every state and territory in Australia, and I’ve designed gardens in America, Japan and several in New Zealand.  People seem bewildered and misguided as to my talents for selecting plants for these clearly different plant zones.  It’s easier than you might think! It simply requires your powers of observation to […]